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Homework Help: aritmetics

Posted by chrissy on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 12:07pm.

how do you figure two thirds of 36 is 24? please tell me! I know its simple

This is the easy way to figure it. Divide 36 into 3 equal parts. The three is the bottom number.
To SEE this , use dried peas or blocks.
Now, put two of the parts together... The 2 is the top number.
THEN, count how many you have in the two parts you have together.

Remember. The bottom number is always the total you are working with. The top number is how many of those you need to work with.

So, if you want 3/4 of 12. Count out twelve peas, separate those into 4 equal piles. Push 3 of those piles together. Then count. <G> Good luck! Hope this helps

of means multiply

2/3 * 36/1

mulitipy the numberator: 2*36=72
multiply the denominator: 3*1=3

72/3 which reduces to 24/1 or 24

Multiply 36 by 2/3.

36 multiplied by 2 is 72. 72 divided by 3 is 24.

I hope this helps you understand. Thanksfor asking.

thank you so much! both answers helped me alot. could you tell me what if they wanted me to find out what 1 and two thirds of 36 was, or 2 and two thirds of 36??

Ok, What is the total you are working with in a fraction? If you have 1 and 3/5. The Total of ONE would be the bottom number. So the total of one would be 5/5. So you have 5/5 + 3/5. That would make 8/5.

The trick to workin with fractions and whole numbers is to remember the bottom number is equal to 1 whole number.

If you have 2 and 3/5. That would be 2x5 = 10 + 3... so...13/5.

Hope this helps!

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