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mat 117/algebra

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2/(5w+10 )- 3/(2w-4)
please show me how to work this problem.

I assume this is some sort of combine the fractions, as there is nothing equal to the sentence above.

factor out 1/((5w+10)(2w-4))

1/((5w+10)(2w-4)) * ( 2*(2w-4) - 3(5w+10) )

do the multiplication in the paren..

1/((5w+10)(2w-4)) * (4w-16 - 15w-30)

1/((5w+10)(2w-4)) (-11w - 46)

you could factor a 10 out of the denominator, making

1/(10( w+2)( w-2)) (-11w - 46)

add or subtract as indicated. express your result in simplest form.
2 over 5x+ 10 subtract 3 over 2w - 4 will this help since I didn't make myself clear?

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