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Homework Help: English IV Sr. Paper

Posted by Jessica on Friday, July 6, 2007 at 11:44am.

I need help with my thesis statement. So far I have:
Emily Bronte was an unusual writer from the Victornian age, and her novel full violent romance.

You have to have:
General subject: Emily Bronte
Limited Topic: Wuthering Heights
Specific Focus: Victorian Age

She has a violent/twisted romance and i know a lot of people didn't agree with the queen. So if anyone could help me form it into a better thesis statement it would be much appreceited!
PS. correct any spelling errors if you notice them because i'm horrible with that & grammar.

What did she write?

Emily Bronte was an unusual writer from the Victorian age, and her novel, ______, was full of violent romance.

Did she use satire? Sarcasm?

Wuthering heights is the book she wrote that i had to read. She was just showing an alternative to the traditional romantic novels people wrote.
thanks for you help tho!

This is a good suggestion for a thesis sentence.

Emily Bronte was an unusual writer from the Victorian age; her novel, Wuthering Heights contains not only the romance common to the Victorian Period, but also the uncommon element of violence.

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