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math correction

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can someone correct this problem for me thanks

A group of 7 workers decide to send a delegation fo 2 to their superviosr to discuss their grievances.

a) how many delegations are possible?
my answer: 21

b)If it is decided that a particular worker must be in the delegation, how many different delegations are possible?
my answer: 6

c) I fhtere is 2 women and 5 men in the group, how many delegations would include at least 1 women?
my answer: 11

a is not correct.
b is correct

On c, you can figure the number of delegations that have no women, then subtract that from the correct answer in a.
The number of ways to have no women is 5*4.

  • math correction -

    a) 7*6*5*4*3*2*1/5*4*3*2*1=7*6=42 possiilites

    b) 1*6=6 possible combinations

    c) 22 possibilites

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