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Posted by Mandi on Wednesday, July 4, 2007 at 7:49pm.

Is "Although They" in the following sentence a Prepositional Phrase?
Thank You

They tried, although they didn't expect to win.

No. "Although" is a conjunction linking two independent clauses. "They" is the subject of the second clause.

Can you tell me which one of these contains a prepositional Pharse?
Thank You
1. With the proper help, they'll complete the project early.

2. Running all the way, he got there early.

3. They sang it, and sang it again.

Thanks A lot.


If you look up a list of the prepositions, you will find that the word "with" is one of them. In sentence one, the object of with is the word "help."

Remember that the prepositions give words a relationship within the sentence. You can see that the phrase "with the proper help" can be moved around in that sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence. Language is pretty neat, isn't it.

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