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What are the principals of economics and where could I find 3 articles on the economy identifying 1 principal on each

You very well may mean princIPLES.

This is a catch all phrase. There are many economic textbooks called Principles of Economics and many colleges call their introductory course Principles of Economics. What is a principle varies with ones interpretation and even within a particular time period.

"The two biggest, broadest fields in economics are:
Macroeconomics is the study of the aggregate economy, the entire pie, the whole forest. Macroeconomics is interested in things like gross production, unemployment, inflation, and recession.
Microeconomics is the study of parts of the economy, the slices of the pie, the trees of the forest. Microeconomics is interested in topics like market prices, consumer behavior, production costs, and competition."AmosWEB is Economics: CLASS*portal
Specific examples of topics in economics are described in What is Microeconomics? and What is Macroeconomics?

Other examples/topics or principles may be found in the following:

Jiskha Homework Help - Social Studies: Economics
What are the Essential Principles of Economics?
Economics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Principles of Economics
SparkNotes Study Guides Eco
Economics Concepts for HS Graduates

One of the sites above states that "buying and selling SECURITIES in the open market, as a way of controlling INTEREST rates or the GROWTH of the MONEY SUPPLY "You one or more principles from this statement. Obtain other principles in a similar manner.

Articles about the economy may be found using a search engine such as Google, newspapers, magazines and periodicals.

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