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Posted by Comp.Tech on Sunday, July 1, 2007 at 9:42am.

I Need help with these questions.

You talk to your boss about working out of your home.You can access the company network from your home using VPN.
The boss is concerned about security.
What do you tell him?

1.The data will be sent across a private leased line (or)
2.All VPN traffic is encrypted.

You have created a Raid 0 for four
hard drives on the new company server.
A month later, one of the hard drives crashes. What happens to the data?

1. The data on the crashed hard
drive is lost. (or)
2. The data on all the drives is lost.

Virtual Private Networks are slow, but encrypted. Raid zero is most likely to destroy the array, and all data is lost on all drives.

Agree with both Bob's answers.

This is where I am confused-
is all VPN traffic encrypted?
I thought some companies still
use a private leased line.

And data is lost on all four hard

I was thinking the data on the crashed hard drive was lost. And the other three were fine.

I guess I was confused.

Anyway, thank you for clearing this up.

In a Raid 0, if one hard drive crashes, you can lose all the data without doing special (read: expensive!) techniques to retrieve it.

A VPN can be carried on a public network using high standard protocols or over a private network. But it's not done through a leased line.


MattsRiceBowl,I understand a VPN can
be carried on a public network using
high standard protocols or over a private network.

My question was:
In talking to your boss about working out of your home,he is concerned about
security as you are using VPN to access
the company network.
Do you tell him all VPN is encrypted?
Is this what you are saying?

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