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A compound has the following composition. C 54.5%, H 9.10% and 0 36.4% its molecular weight is 88.10.
Determine its empirical formula and molecular formula.

Take 100 g sample.
That gives you 54.5 g C, 9.10 g H and 36.4 g O. Now convert those grams to mols.
54.5/12.01 = mols C
9.10/1 = mols H
36.4/16 = mols O.

Determine the ratio of the mols in small whole numbers. To do that, divide the smallest number by itself (thereby assuring you that is 1.00), then divide all of the other mol numbers by that same divisor. That should give you the empirical formula.
The molecular formula is some multiple of the empirical formula. Post your work if you need further assistance.

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