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Homework Help: Algebra

Posted by Alexandria on Sunday, June 24, 2007 at 8:29pm.

Can someone check my algebra answers and help me with the problems I don't understand?

1. n^2-n-20/2n^2 times n^2+5n/n^2-25
answer: n+4/2n

2. (2x-6/21)/(5x-15/12)
answer: 8/35

3. 5x-3/6 - x+3/6
answer: 2x/3-1

4. 5x/26 - 2x/13
answer: 1x/26

5. 3x^2/9x^5
answer: 1/3x^3

6. (x^2+2x-15/4x^2)/(x^2-25/2x-10...
answer: I'm not to sure but i think its x-3/2x^2

7. x+2/x/x-2/3x
answer: 3(x+2)/x-2

8. What values for x must be excluded in the following fraction?
answer: 8

9. x-13/x^2-x-12 + 3x-3/x^2-x-12
answer: 4/x+3

Sometimes it helps to use parentheses when typing these kinds of problems online. From what I can determine, these answers look correct, except for #3. (For #4, you can just state the answer as x/26.)

Here's #3 worked out:

(5x-3)/6 - (x+3)/6 =

(5x-3-x-3)/6 =

(4x-6)/6 =

2(2x-3)/6 =


I hope this will help.

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