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what formulas do i use for this:

Investments Suppose $10,000 is invested at an annual rate of 5% for 10 years. Find the future value if interest is compounded as follows.

A) Annually
B) Quarterly
C) Monthly
D)Daily (365 days)

A) 10000*(1+.05)^10
B) 10000*(1+.05/4)^40
C) 10000*(1+.05/12)^120
D) 10000*(1+.05/365)^3650
D alt) 10000*e^(.05*10)

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    A= P(1+r/n)^n*t

    for instance A=10000(1+0.05/1)^1*10

    A= 10000(1.05)^10
    a= 10000(1.628895)
    A= 16288.95

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