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Computer Science

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Describe Operating systems theory and configuration at the Unix kernel/Windows registry level

Describe standard operating system services (RPC, NetBIOS, etc)

Describe File storage, management, and security shemes

Describe command line administration of UNIX/Windows

Describe computer memory organization and architecture - hard drive, RAM, cache, etc. I am pretty fimiluar with this but a brief description would help.

Describe TCP/IP packet and frame structures, protocol interactions, and routing math

Descibe the in-depth details of loading a web page or sending an email at the protocol, packet, and frame level

Describe the process of running an executable command rom the command line interface. Include the various kernel, file system, memory, and storage device transactions that must take place to get the application up and running.

Describe firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems - set-up, read, and understand settings

Describe network connectivity troubleshooting

Describe network forensic tools and tecniques

Describe malicious code theory (not just definitions) - buffer overflow, virus, worm, etc.

I have a BS in computer science but its been about 3 to 4 years since I graduated and I need to know this stuff for an up coming job. I am sure some or most of it will be refresher for me. Thanks

You're asking someone to write books for you!!

Try this as a start:

In addition, you can look up terms at various online dictionaries and encyclopedias:


LOL... I know... I just thought maybe I would throw the questions they asked me out there and see what I got back.. Thanks

Webopedia,, and Wikipedia are some of the best websites I know of where you can get great answers to a very wide range of questions. That's why I gave you links to those.

Please don't hesitate to re-post any questions that you cannot find answers to with those sites, or even Google's advanced search.


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