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I have tried the ideal gas law to find the temp and Pressure so that i could then find the work but i am not getting the right answer in the end. any suggestions?

3.1 One kilogram of air in a piston-cylinder device undegoes a thermodynamic cycle composed of the following reversible processes: 1 to 2 the air at 2.4 bar and 250 K is expanded isothermally to 1.2 bar; 2 to 3 the air is then compressed adiabatically back to its initial volume; 3 to 1 the air is finally cooled at constant volume back to its initial state. Account for variable
specific heats.

c) Calculated the work (ans 57.3)

Ideal Gas Law = PV=nRT

sorry, that's all I can do. Make sure you're plugging all the information in correctly and don't round too soon.

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