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I really need some help please!!!!!
Am I on the right tract?
Given: ABCD is a parallelogram; <1 is congruent to <2

To Prove: ABCD is a Rhombus

Plan: Show <2 is congruent to < CAB.
hence CB is congruent to AB,
making ABCD a parallelogram
with consecutive sides congruent


Statements Reasons
1. ABCD is a parallelogram 1.Given
<1 is congruent to <2
2. Draw segment from A to C 2. Two points determine exactly one line
3.< 1 & <3 are congruent 3. Alternate angles are congruent
4. AC bisects angle 1&2 4. Def. of Angle bisector
5 . m<DAB=m<BCD 5. Opposite angles in a parallelogram are equal
6. <2 & <3 are congruen6.Transitiveprop 7 .AB=BC 7. Sides oposite are
congruent angles
8.<1&<2 8. are equal
9.AB=BC=CD=DA 9. ABCD is a rhombus

I cant follow it without a diagram, sorry.

I sorry but I don't know how to use the computer to draw.

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    You don't need to know how to draw, copy and paste the image on the site. Or give the link of the image, and it can be viewed.

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