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#1.) The first row of an amphitheater contains 50 seats, and each row there after contains an additional 8 seats. If the theater seats 938 people, find the number of rows in the amphitheater.

#2.) At oceanside deck the first high tide today occurs at 2:00 am with depth 6 meters and the first low tide occur4s at 8:30 am with depth 2 meters.
---> Find the equation of the graph showing the depth of water d at the dock as a function of time t.

---> Suppose a tanker that requires at least 4 meters of water depth is planning to dock after 9:00 AM. Using your graph in part "a," determine the earliest possible time that the tanker can dock and the longest period of time that the tanker can be docked before the water level becomes too low.

total seats= 50+(n-1)8 for n=1,2,3...
solve for n.

The depth of water will be a cosine function.

I think I would graph it.


#1.) n = 10.6 rows
#2.) f(t) = 2cos(2pi/13)(t-2)+4

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