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Posted by Eric on Monday, June 11, 2007 at 1:49pm.

I need help with this question.

You are doing web searches for real estate offices in a number of cities
across the country. You notice that
no matter what city you type into the
search engine, a RE/MAX broker page
is always listed at the top. What
is the most probable reason for this?

1. RE/MAX must make all their websites
in flash.

2. RE/MAX must have less data to
download on their sites.

3. RE/MAX has more powerful servers
than the other companies.

4. RE/MAX is sponsoring these listings
with the search engine.

Wouldn't #4 be the correct answer?
I need verification! Thank you!

Yes, you're correct. RE/MAX is probably sponsoring these listings.

Just to help add to the answer, Flash has an advantage of being fast and able to do really great things, but it has a problem with search engines.

On a web page, all the text can be read by the search engines. The images are not. The text on a flash page is more like an image. The search engine cannot read it. So you have to do other things to help get noticed by the search engine. So #1 is wrong.

Having less data would not help you with a search engine result. Search engines are set up to try to get you the most reliable information. It's not a perfect system. But having less data would not help with this in any way. So #2 is wrong.

#3 --- I can't imagine that is a factor at all.

#4 would have to be right. A lot of those spots are for sale.


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