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college algebra

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Isn't this a plug and chug? I will be happy to critique your thinking. Your equal signs in the function are not correct, I assume that is a typo.

suppose a baseball is shot up from thr ground straight up with an initial velosity of 32 feet per second . A function can be created by expressing distance above the ground , s, as a function of time , t. This function is s=16t2 = vot = so. 16 represents 1/2 g , the gravitational pull due to gravity 9 measured in feet per second 2). vo is the initial velosity (how hard do you throw the object , measured in feet per second). so is the initial distance above ground (in feet). if you are standing on the ground , then so=0. what is the function that describes this problem? The ballwill be how high above the ground after 1 second? How long will it take to hit the ground ? what is the maximum height of the ball show the work.


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