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math linear equations

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suppose you earn 5.50/h at a bakery. From your first paycheck you discover that $1.15/h is withheld for taxes and benefits. you work x hours in a five day week and you spend $3.75 each day on lunch.

Write an equationfor your earnings for a 5 day week after taxes and expenses.

In this situation what does the slope represent?y inercept?

How many hours must you work to earn $120 after taxes and expenses?

I will be happy to critique your work on this.

So your net salary is 5.50 - 1.15 /h
= 4.35/h
you work x hours in a 5 day week
4.35x - 5*3.75

4.35x - 18.75 = earnings per 5 day week
the slope, (4.35) shows your hourly wage after tax.

The y intercept (-18.75) represents your expenses per week.

To answer the last question I will assume you are asking how many hours in 1 week must you work to earn $120.

Substitute 120 as the answer to the equation

4.35x-18.75 = 120
4.35x = 138.75
x = 138.75/4.35
x = 31.89
x = 32 as you don't get paid . for 0.89 of 1 hour

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    where did u get the 4.35 from ?

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