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AP Chemisty

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N2(g)+3F2 yields 2Nf3(g)
Delta H(degree)298=-264KJ mol-1;Delta S(degree)298=-278J K-1 mol-1
The following questions relate to the synthesis reaction represented by the chemical equation above.

a.)CAlculate the value of the standard free energy change, Delta G(degree)298, for the reaction.

b.) Determine the temperature at which the equilibrium constant, Keq, for the reaction is equal to 1.00. (Assume that Delta H and Delta S are independent of temperature)

c.)Calculate the stnadard enthalpy change, Delta H, that occurs when a 0.256 mol sample of NF3(g), is formed from N2 and F2 at 1.00atm and 298K.

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