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math,algebra II

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I have to work with these types of problems dealing with matrises can someone show me how to solve them.Heres one of them:

Directions: Find the values of the variables in each equation

in the first matrix it looks like this

a+2 3z+1 5m
4k 0 3

then theres a plus sign and the second matrix looks like this

3a 2z 5m
2k 5 6

then there is an equal sign and theres another matrix it looks like this

10 -14 80
10 5 9

so it should read

matrix + matrix = matrix

the first,second , and third matrix should look like a 2X3

i couldn't space it out.

okay sweetie, I know how to do this kind of problem, but it isn't making sense. Did you leave out any parentheses? They are important.

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