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my question is

what do this mean :

A species is a distinct breeding group
The distinctions with other species are maintained by :-

1- Geographical location/ seperation

2- Structural/morphological differences

3- Chromosomal differences

I'm a 6 grade student and my teacher is not making me understand this

so please can someone tell this in easy english

I will be thankful

thankyou for this website

See if this site helps you:

Oh you poor thing. I'll do my best.
For starters I think that it is talking about how differnt species have developed over time and why they are separate from each other.
Am I on the right track?
And you know what distinction means right? Like differnces, really obvious differnces for example frogs and bunnys are species distinct from each other.
1- Geographical location/ seperation
Basically this means that differnt species were in differnt environments (like differnt places on the planet). That would keep them from breeding with each other and mixes there species. In other words if they are to far apart they can't breed.

2- Structural/morphological differences
Okay, now these are just big words to say size and shape of there bodies. Like it would be hard for a dog to mate with a horse right?

3- Chromosomal differences
Well you know what chromosomes are right? They are in your DNA...DNA is in your cells, cells are what make up your entire body, blood cells, skin cells, muscle cells. Chromosomes are the code in your DNA that tells what physical traits you have (you know, what you look like) It's like a blue print of a house, a design that says how everything is and how it's layed out. Chromosomes are a blue print and the building blocks for all living things, all spieces and we carry our blue print/chromosomes around in our DNA, in the cells in our body. Chromosomes always come in pairs.
Like if a construction worker was trying to build a house, but he only had half a blue print he would have to find someone with the other half right?
The female's egg is a cell...the male's sperm is a cell. Sperm and Egg cells contain only half of chromosomes needed for making up a baby. Mom and Dad have to pair up there chromosomes to make a baby. A female's egg cell and a male's sperm meet in the Mom's womb. The chromosomes in the eggs start pairing up to build a baby.(one comes from mom and one comes from dad) The chromosomes decide what the baby will look like. Like for eye color. For example: mom's eyes are brown, her chromosome for eyes is brown. dad's eyes are also brown so his chromosome for eyes is?? When they pair up they make the baby's eye's..?? What color?
Are you following.
(It gets a lot more complicated than that but we'll consentrate on this assignment right now.)
-THE POINT- :) I had to make sure you understood all that so I could explain number three.
Okay, now sense the mom has only half of the genetic code(blue print) in her egg and the dad has the other half they have to pair up to build a baby, BUT if the can't pair up, like they don't match. Then they can't build a baby.
For example, the construction worker has half the blue print to a three bedroom house made of wood. He meets another worker with the blue print to a six story office building made out of steel. Will the be able to build together?
Thats right because their materials and their designs won't fit together. They are looking to build two completely differnt structures.
The same is true with animals and people. Species that are to differnt can't make a baby together.
An Elephants Chromosomes won't match a mouses chromosomes, will they?
Well that's all for now.
I hope I helped. If you have any more questions for me, if you like the way I explain things, post with your name as "HelpMeLinda" and I'll get it.
I really enjoyed writing this. I needed to remind myself I still know this stuff. I am a biology major in college and I learned all this about ten years ago.
Good Luck,
And feel free to print this out and show your teacher. It sounds like she needs to see an example of how to teach.

If the poor kid doesn't even understand what all those big words mean, how is reading more big words on that website going to help?

I really really really thankyou alot for helping me and this just makes me feel understand alot

thanks alloot Miss Linda I really love the way you can explain things

I will tell this to my teacher so that he can have a small advice on how to teach

I really appreciate you and you have don a great job miss

Thankyou very much

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