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Homework Help: Math

Posted by Walter on Wednesday, June 6, 2007 at 1:25pm.

Show me how to solve problems like this.
1.) 7 + (-9) + (-5) + 6

2.) [(-3)(-4)(-5)]/ (-2)(-3)]

Try reading the following sites' pages very carefully. Then make an attempt at doing the problem, and we'll see if you got it right:

(Broken Link Removed)

I will explain it simply okay. Searching sites is a waste of time.
-Subtracting Real Numbers-
If a and b are real number then a - b is = to a + (-b)
The paretheses indicate that number stays negative.
so: Step one
7+(-9)+(-5)+6 :: add negative 9 and 7, which translates to 7+(-9) or 7-9
7+(-9)= -2
-9+7 = -2
7 - 9 = -2
"you following?"
Step two
(-2) + (-5):: when you add two negatives the answer is negative.
-2 + -5 = -7
Step Three
(-7)+6 or 6-7
= -1
In tree form
= -1
Problem # two
-Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers-
-Multiplication of real numbers is just like whole numbers. Only you have to determine if the answer is negative or positive.
-when you mulitply two negatives together you get a positive answer.
-when you mulitply a positive and a negative you get negative answer.
- Brackets [ ] those things, indicate that the equation inside of the bracket is done first in the order of operations.
- when parentheses and/or brackets are next to each other without a sign it means to multiply.
So: Step one, remove the brackets by doing the equation inside.
Here is the tree
-Step two was perform the operation outside of the bracket. (-2)(-3)=6
now multiply
= (-360)

I hope I helped.

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