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Math Algebra

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Resolve(17x²+14x + 9) – (-13x² +6x - 12)


I'll try to be helpful and show the work. This is the method I learned last quarter.
+ (13x"sq"+6x+12)
I used the vertical method but the step are the same either way.

Step 1: Remove parentheses
Step 2: Combine like terms
Step 3: Simplify

I hoped I helped. Polynomials can be rather simple if you know the short cuts.
oh, and if you use the vertical method, don't forget to change the signs. When subtracting a negative it becomes adding a positive.

could you help me with this problem? y=3(x+5)(x-2)...the answer is supposed to be y=3xsquared+ did they get the -30

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