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Why did you wait until the night before the exam to realize you did not understand the material?

At this point, if you are confused on all that material, all I can recommend is get a good night's sleep.

okay so my geometry final is TOMORROW! and i honestly have absolutely noooo idea what the heck my teacher is talking about! so basically i have to find a way to teach myself or have someone or even *ANYONE!!* how to use proportions, altitudes, similar triangles, silving sides of triangles, SOHCAHTOA, inscribed angles, arcs, sectors, secants tangants, angles with vertex in interior and exterior of a circle, find lengths of segments in relation to a circle, area of a sector, arc length, compare area and perimeter of polygons, surface area and volume of prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres...

if anyone can help PLEASSSEE do!!!

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