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physics, torque

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A crane shown in the drawing is lifting a 170-kg crate upward with an acceleration of 1.8 m/s2. The cable from the crate passes over a solid cylindrical pulley at the top of the boom. The pulley has a mass of 130 kg. The cable is then wound onto a hollow cylindrical drum that is mounted on the deck of the crane. The mass of the drum is 150 kg, and its radius is 0.76 m. The engine applies a counterclockwise torque to the drum in order to wind up the cable. What is the magnitude of this torque? Ignore the mass of the cable.
Can someone please help me!? Thank you

write the force equation Torque= ma/radiusdrum+ Ipulley*alphap + Idrum*alphad

Now on alphap, and alphad, that will be the acceleration of the cable/radius

Solve for Torque

chcek my thinking. THis is a thinkig problem.

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