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A concrete border is to be built around a triangular flower garden that has sides of 10 m, 7 m, and 8 m. The border is to be a straight walking path 1 m wide on all sides of the garden. Before the concrete can be poured, wooden formes need to be placed on the inside perimeter and on the outside perimeter of the border. Determine the total length of wood needed to build the forms.

The answer says 36.22 m. How did they get that?

I can tell that answer is wrong. The wood alone on the inside perimeter will be 10+7+8 =25 m. The outside will be larger than that, so it is over 50 m needed. If I have time later, I will guide you through the solution. It begs for a sketch pad,because you have many similar triangles at the corners. I may give up on it here.

That's exactly what I thought, but my math teacher was being an ass and insisting it to the level of retardation.

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