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PLEASE HELP ME! I'm not a math student and this is very hard for me. I'm a History Major *shy face*

I am not a Math student whatsoever :S this is in my Geography course and I'm very confused can anyone help me out?

Imagine that a woodlot 2x3km in size has been marked on two separate maps. Map A has a scale (in mixed units) of 1cm: 80m and Map B has a scale of 5mm:110m.

a. What are the Representative Fractions of Map A and Map B

b. Which map has the larger scale? (Where 1/10 is a larger scale than 1/20)

c. Which ma shows the most detail of woodlot

d. What are the dimensions of the woodlot (in mm) on each of the two maps...

Any help and guidance would help. I want to learn this, I need to learn it...

Ok common sense will answer some of these. 1cm:80m map is the same as 10mm:80m (just changed cm to mm)
Now divide by 2 to get
The other map is 5mm:110m
so which is the larger scale 5mm:40 m or 5mm:110m? Obviously it is the 5mm:40m or the 1cm:80m map.

c. Detail? If you have a map of earth that is 6 inches by 6 inches it isn't going to give much detail, is it? So thinking like this which of those two maps are going to show the most detail?

d. Ok do the math. Here's a start:
2km is how many meters? 2 times 1000 =2000 meters.
So you divide 2000 by 80 to get 25. That means on your 1cm:80m map 25cm would represent 2km. Get it? Now do 3km part for both maps and also the 2km part for the 5mm:110m map.

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