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Homework Help: Information on Cambodia

Posted by Tyler on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 7:05pm.

Hey everyone,

At the advice of the Grand Abbot of the Buddhist monestary I have been studying at, I am considering a trip to Cambodia this summer to study under the renown Buddhist teacher Sidhu-Darmya Parakesh. The Grand Abbot believes that Mr. Parakesh may be able to help me understand the troubling vision of Buddha that I had during my meditation in the park.

My question is - what are some of the safety concerns recommended for travellers to Cambodia? I understand there is a lot of disease and crime in Cambodia; how should a foreign traveller deal with these issues?

Thanks for any links you can provide!


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From people that have visited there, it's quite an interesting place to visit. However, there is a LOT of poverty there. Be careful not to just start handing out money or purchasing things indiscriminately. You WILL get bombarded with people asking. If you choose to give, give wisely.

There is a leaving be sure to keep enough for that.


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