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Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

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Can someone PLEASE show me how to solve these?I never could understand these types of equetions.(3x/10)+(9x/10)
(5m+8/[m-1]) - (m-3/[m-1])
(x^2/[x-1]) - (1/[x-1])
(4x+y/[2x+3y])-(2x -2y/[2x+3y])
(x^2+3x+2/[x^2-16] + (3x++6/[x^2-16])
7/(x-5) - (2+x/[x-5])

Since they are not equations, they cannot be "solved," but they can be simplified.


Since both have a denominator of n+4, the numerators can be combined.

(n-2+8)/(n+4) = (n+6)/(n+4)

The same process can be used with the other expressions.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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