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Could someone correct my answers and help with the other problems?

1. Are the following lines parallel, perpendicular, or neither? L1 with equation x – 5y = 10, L2 with equation 5x + y = 5.

Answer: Neither (I'm not to sure but i think this is the right answer)

2. Divide: a^10/a^4

How would I complete this problem?

3. A rectangle has sides of 3x – 4 and 7x + 10.Find the expression that represents its perimeter.

Answers: Answer: P = 20x + 12

4. Write the equation of the line that passes through point (–6, 7) with a slope of 0.

Answer: y = 7

5. Find the slope of the line passing through the points (1, 1) and (3, 3).

Answer: 1

6. Evaluate. 5 • 4 ÷ 2 – 42

Answer: -6

7. Find the slope and the y-intercept.

y = x

Answer: Slope is 1, y-intercept (I'm not sure what that answer is)

I will help you with 1 another time. Someone might beat me to it. Just have time to answer a few right now.

2) think of a^10/a^4 as:

Start crossing off an a on the top and one on the bottom. Once you get the answer, you'll probably see an easier way to do it.

3) Yes

4) y=mx+b "b" is the y intercept. -6*0=0 So yes...y=7

6) I don't know what that is between the 5 and 4.

7) y=mx+b Slope is 1 (correct) What's "b" in the equation of "y=x"?

If there's no "b" listed, it is ... (you'll probably have a "d'oh" moment once you get it) Or should I give a bigger hint and say a d' *OH* moment. Oh...those letters that look so much like numbers at times. HIJKLMN...O....if only we could figure out what it is. ;-)


1) why don't you rewrite the equations in slope intercept form and see if the slope is same, negative reciprocal, or other?

2) a^b/a^c= a^(b-c)

6) recompute
7) right on slope.

Y=mx + b. What is b in this problem?

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