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Posted by anjana on Sunday, May 27, 2007 at 2:16am.

can you please tell me about brihadeeshwara temple and the ways to
protect it?

I can't find much in terms of protecting it. I assume it's protected under some law citing it as a historic masterpiece, but I did not see anything in what I was searching through that gave a clear answer to that question.

If you google Brihadeeshwara, you will find a LOT of web sites that deal with the temple and the history of it.

I wish I could say I helped more. I'll keep looking and see what I can find. Here is a web site that seems to have good information on the history of the temple:


Ignore the first two links in these search results, but read some of the others. Even though they may not be referring to the same temple you are, there will be ideas in here you can use in the "how to protect" part of your question.


The Gopurams display some of the finest examples of Dravidian art. The Gopuram tower of the temple is 216 feet high and is topped by a block of granite 25 feet square and 80 tons in weight. This stone was hauled four miles over an inclined plane and put on top of the tower. The dome carved from a single stone weighing 80 tons, is surrounded by 250 arcades, each containing a lingam. It is rightly said of the Cholas that they conceived like giants and finished like jewellers. That will tell you about it.

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