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How do I predict how long will it take for lava to reach the town, which is 10km from the lava vent, if I know that after 2 days lava was 5 km far from the vent.

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Lava traveled 5 km in 2 days. How long will it take for lava to travel 10 km?

But what about speed?

If you wish to calculate the velocity (rate), it is
distance = rate x time
5 km = rate x 2 days.
rate = 5 km/2 days = 2.5 km/day. Then, knowing the rate we can calculate the time for a new distance. That would be

distance = rate x time

10 km = 2.5 km/day x time and solve for time. Of course you can change all this to km/hour or some other time unit you wish; however, we assume that it travels at the same speed so 5 km in 2 days means 10 km in 4 days or 15 km in 6 days, or 20 km in 8 days etc.

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