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Math(about to fail because of this question)

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Can someone please help me with this? And show all work for me? I don't understand and I'm about to fail school over this question. Please help.

3y = 2x + 12

I need the X-Intercept for it.

Won't setting y = 0 and solve for x get it? Check my thinking.

I did that and my teacher said my answer was wrong.

let us see your work.

3y = 2x + 12

3(0) = 2x + 12

2x+ 12
2x 2x


Frankly, you need to fail. If this is the end of the first year, you are nowhere near ready for the second. Discuss it with your teacher, for your sake.

after putting zero for y, you seemed to have quit algebra. What you did next is crazy, there is no equation, no equals sign. What does the six represent?

Wouldn't it have been more logical to subtract twelve from both sides, then divide by two (not two x).

You need to repeat algebra first year, or next year will be hell.

Stating that you are going to fail because you can't complete a simple question like that, is like a hockey player stating that he can't join the NHL because he can't lace up his skates.

Why don't you think it through, you want the x-intercept so where are you on the graph? Isn't the y value zero?????

you should be able to do the rest in your head to get x=-6

As bobpursly said, if a student cannot do such a simple problem he/she should not pass that math course.

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