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Homework Help: math correction

Posted by mathstudent05 on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 11:52am.

is this correct?

Marginal Cost of Coffee The manager of a restaurant found that the cost to produce 100 cups of coffee is
$11.02, while the cost to produce 400 cups is $40.12. Assume the cost is a linear function of x, the number
of cups produced.

a. Find a formula for C(x).
(100,11.02) and (400,40.12)
slope is: 0.291
therefore using point (100,11.02)
I end up: y = 0.291x -18.08

b. What is the fixed cost?
the cost is -18.08

c. Find the total cost of producing 1000 cups.

c(1000)= 0.291(1000)-18.08 = 272.92

d. Find the total cost of producing 1001 cups.

c(1001)=0.291(1001)-18.08= 273.211

e. Find the marginal cost of the 1001st cup.
I do not know this part

f. What is the marginal cost of any cup and what does this
mean to the manager?

I don't know what to do here

On a. How did you get that slope? Isn't slope=(40.12-11.02) /(400-100)

but if i do slope with your points i get a -0.247 etc.....

Hmmmm. Check your math, in round terms, that is 30 divided by 300. That is not one fourth, not even close.

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