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Posted by sara on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at 10:55pm.

according to many social scientists ,adolescence ends for most people ?

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In industrialized societies, adolescence is a transition between childhood and adulthood. In many primitive societies, there is no adolescence. After going through a specific ritual, the child is considered an adult.

With the increase in complexity of industrialized societies, more skills need to be acquired to be considered an adult.

Depending on their group membership and the definition of adult, this occurs at varying times in our culture. In Judeo-Christian terms, the children are considered adults religiously upon completion of bar/batmitzvah or confirmation at about the age of 13. However, they are not considered adult enough in most states to get a driver's license until about 16. Depending upon the state laws, ages for legally drinking alcohol, getting married without parental permission, voting and legally owning a gun will vary, usually between 18-21.

Thus adolescence has become a relatively confusing "no man's land," in which the adolescents no longer consider themselves to be children, but most adults do not consider them to be adults.

Here are some articles that might be helpful.


I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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