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i need help with this question can u please show me how to figure this out and show me how you figured out the problem. the question is 1/3 pnut butter sandwiches 1/6 cheese and 9 ham how many total?

i assume you mean how many sandwhiches total? in that case just add the fractions, if you don't have a calculator then start by finding the GCD or greatest common denominator, then add! :)

let x = total sandwitches

1/3 x + 1/6 x + 9 = x
Or 2/6x +1/6x + 9 = x
combine like terms

3/6x + 9 = x

1/2x +9 =x

multiply both sides by 2

x +18 = 2x

Now adda -x to both sides
18 = x

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