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Zn + PbCl2 --> ZnCl2 + Pb

The initial mass of a zinc strip is 2.684. After being left overnight in a lead (II) chloride solution, the mass of zinc is 2.581g. Calculate the Ksp of lead (II) chloride.

So far I have:
PbCl2 --> Pb(aq)2+ + 2Cl(aq)-
Ksp = [Pb(aq)2+] [Cl(aq)-]^2

Using my ICE table, I get Ksp = 4x^3.

What do I do now?

grams Zn = 2.684-2.581 g = ??
mols Zn = ??/65.38 = xx mols (check that atomic mass).

mols Zn = mols Pb and mols Pb = what you have called x.

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