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my teacher gave us some fraction problems for homework, but I'm confused about how to go about solving the problem. The problem is what is 2/4 of 8. Can you show me the steps so I can do the rest of the math problems?

2/4 reduces (or simplies if you prefer) to lower terms. Think 1/2 of 8 = 4.

Another way to do that problem is this.

2/4 x 8/1 =

The word "of" in a math problem usually indicates the need for multiplication.

When you multiply fractions, you just multiply straight across and then simplify as much as possible.

2/4 x 8/1 = 16/4 = 4

Those are the steps, and they will work for other problems, too.


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    Jacob is making a recipe and requires 3/8 cups of water for stew. He needs to double the recipe . Find your answer in simplest form

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