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Please explain to me how to do these problems...Thanks

1. Find the value of x...x/6-x/8=1

2. The combined resistance of two resistors r1 and r2 in a parallel circuit is given by the formula
rt= 1/(1/r1)+ (1/r2)...simplify the formula...

3. Fungicides account for 1/10 of the pesticides used in the US. Insecticides account for 1/4 of all the pesticides in the US. The ratio of fungicides to insecticides used in the US can be written 1/10 divided by 1/4, write this ratio in simplest form...

1) is the common denominator 24?

2) is the common denominator (1/r1r2)?

3) Hmmm. Fungicides are not pesticides. However, ignoring that, follow the instructions in the problem. Show some work.

there is no common denominator on either problem, I am needing help to come up with the answer..

For 3, convert to decimals to get a better idea of the ratio — .10 and .25.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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