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Advanced Placement World History

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i need to answer these essays
any information will be helpful!!!

Change Over Time

choose TWO areas listed below and analyze how each area's relationship to global trade patterns changed from 1740 to 1914. Be sure to describe each areas involvement in global patterns around 1750 as your starting point.
a. Southwest Asia
b. Japan
c. Sub-Saharan Africa
e. India

Describe and analyze the cultural, economic, and political impact of Islam and Christianity on ONE of the following regions between 1000 CE and 1750 CE. Be sure to discuss continuities as well as changes.
a. Europe
b. Africa
c. Asia
d. South America
e. North America

Comparative Essay

Compare the reactions to Western penetration of any TWO of the following areas. Be sure to include leaders and their philosophies.
a. India
b. Japan
c. Sub-Saharan Africa
d. Siam
e. Vietnam

You should probably look up each place in this website and see what information you find. Be sure to vary the search words, and be sure to check on the different links within each article as well as the external links and further resources at the end of each article.

Let us know what you come up with, and someone here will give you feedback.


The purpose of these essays is to ascertain the level of your assimilation of what you've learned in this AP class. If you post your ideas on these subjects, we'll be glad to critique them.

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