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Homework Help: maths

Posted by Ellie on Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 1:04pm.

How to calculate the mean number of threatened fishes, where total number of fishes is 29300 and number of threatened fishes is 1173.

Hmmmm. you have one data point, that is, 1173 fish are threatened. The mean of one number is that number.
Is there something else here?

Thats why i am must be so simple..

The question is: Calculate the mean number of threatened species per major vertebrate organism group.

And i have the the table:

no of species no of threatened

mammals 5416 1093

birds 9934 1206

reptiles 8241 341

amphibians 5918 1811

fishes 29300 1173

Total 58809 5624

Please illuminate me

I am still struggling with this one..

The question asks to CALCULATE so there must be a way..please help.

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