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Art and History

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Can anyone please help me design a memorial for three civil rights workers? Creativity is very important to me.

The civil rights workers are: James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman.

A little background info:

James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman were civil rights workers who were killed during the Mississippi Burnings.

I'm using a typical science fair tri-fold board, but I do not know where to start.

What kind of information do I need to put on it.

This is out of 80 points with 40 of the points being creativity, so I'm stuck.

Thank you very much for your time and patience. Thank you in advance for any replies. I truly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot, Lance.

I was thinking of dedicating one panel (of the three) to each person.

Would that be smart or no?

A bold heading like "Important Civil Rights Leaders"
Pictures of each. Highlight their carees in chronological order. How historians judge their accomplishments. That sort of thing. Imagine yoursel looking at the poster board for the 1st time and try to think what would make it hold you attention and interest.

Here are my suggestions from this past Thursday. Did you read it??


Oh, I only saw the wikipedia link, I didn't see the text.

I still don't understand how to make it creative. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Well maybe if it isn't confusing. Nothing is worse than confusing...

How do I avoid making it confusing?

Lots of photos and good script. Use only two fonts -- one for titles, another for text. Make the fonts large enough for people to read easily. Don't make text justified (straight right and left margins); it's harder to read that way.

Don't put all photos straight up and down. You don't want it to be all crazy, but if it's all TOO straight, it's boring.

Should I leave any room on the board or cover it all up?

Also, color or black and white?

Thanks a lot, Writeacher, you are helping me a lot.

If you cover it completely, you'll have a collage of sorts, and it'll be an art piece, but not easy to read -- if your goal is to impart information.

I'd use colored pictures and maybe black print on colored paper -- but not multi-colors. Pick one color of paper to use for the text passages and titles. And if you wish, you could also use that same color of paper as backgrounds or frames for the pictures.


Like I said before, imagine yourself looking at the poster board for the 1st time and try to think what would make it hold you attention and interest.
Try the following search results:

Oh...Thanks for the link, it helped a lot.

Oh..Thank you very much.

I thought colored paper would be a bit "disrespectful" considering it is a memorial.

Thanks again.

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