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Posted by Reiny on Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 10:14pm.

break it down into cases

at most one day of rain in 3 days to me means we could have:

norain norain norain ----> (1/3)^3 = 1/27
rain norain norain -------> 2/3(1/3^2 = 2/27
norain rain norain -------> same as above = 2/27
norain norain rain -------> same as above = 2/27

since there is an OR between these probabilities and there are no overlaps we simply add these
so 1/27 + 3(2/27) = 7/27

The probability of rain on any given day is 2/3. What is the probablity of at most one day of rain during the next three days...i dont get this problem plz explain the steps :)

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