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chem-balancing acidic equation

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the reaction:
Cr2O7^-2(aq) + Cl- -> Cr^3+(aq) + Cl2(g)

My balancing.
Cr2O7^-2(aq)-> Cr^3+(aq)
+Cr +7H2O
+14H+ +6e-
Cr2O7^-2(aq)+14H+ +6e- -> 2Cr^3+(aq)+7H2O

Cl- -> Cl2(g)
+Cl- +2e-
2Cl- -> Cl2 +2e-

Cr2O7^-2(aq)+14H+ +6e- +2Cl- -> 2Cr^3+(aq)+7H2O +Cl2 +2e-
Cr2O7^-2(aq)+14H+ +4e- +2Cl- -> 2Cr^3+(aq)+7H2O +Cl2

However, the answer to the number of total coefficients is 33, and i got 31. What am I missing?

Just at first glance, did you multiply the 2Cl--> Cl2 + 2e by 3 to make electrons gained = electrons lost. I don't see the 3 anywhere. But I didn't check that to see if the coefficients added to 33.

Yes, that makes the sum of the coefficients 33.

ohhhhhhh....duh i always forget that part at the end to make them equal jeesh thank you

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