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I am also supposed to find out about hummus.
What is it? I think it might be smashed chick peas. Are chick peas also called "chee-chee beans"?
In your opinion, does hummus taste good? I have heard a few opinions and they are all negative so far.
What color is hummus? green?
Where did hummus originate? greece? another eastern country?

The origin of hummus is not precisely known, but was the middle east. The color of most varieties is light brown/khaki

I am confused as to what chick peas are. Are they those small, almost circular, very lightly brown-colored things that are in salads?
And also, what color is hummus?green?

oops, I think something just went wrong.
for some reason the answer to my other question got moved to this one

Hummus is crushed chick peas. They are a tanish color and are not very flavorful unless made into hummus with other ingredients.

hummus is a light- dark brown its texture is mushy

Hummus, also spelled homous, is pureed chick peas, usually mixed with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and Tahini paste (which is sesame seed butter). It is a mediteranean dish that is delicious! I eat it nearly everyday with pita and veggies. Good luck!

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    I recently looked up recipies from peru and hummus was a part of their traditional cold cuts appetizers.

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