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Homework Help: deutsch?

Posted by bill on Wednesday, May 16, 2007 at 5:41am.

kann jemand mir helfen und F-Regeln für diesen Satz schreiben?

Inge,weiß,dass er sie nicht leiden kann.

vielleicht klingt der Satz ein wenig komisch aber so mussen wir es machen

I don't know what "F-rules" are, but the sentence should be written without the two commas and means, in English:

Inge knows that he cannot suffer (or stand) her.

F-Regeln.Zum Beispiel
I eat apple.


NP(nominalph) VP(verbalph)

I eat NP


I am hoping than SraJMcGin will help you with these "F-regeln" distinctions. I am not familiar with them

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I found a lot of German sites in German but not too much in English. Here is one:



Some interesting trivia is that there is an "F-rule" in pizza that you can't decorate with any word beginning with the letter "F!"

There was also a biology site with that term in the title, but looking at the site didn't clarify anything.

Ich kann schon ziemlich gut Deutsch, aber von einer F-Regel habe ich noch nie gehöhrt.
drwls hat Recht, dein Satz braucht keine Kommas.

From what I have been able to figure out by Googling "F-Regel" for German sources, it is a term often applied in logic and stands for "fuzzy" logic rules. How this would apply to your short and simple sentences is beyond me.

My wife is a native German, and she has never heard of "F-Regel" in a grammar or sentence-structure context.

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