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this is the question please help me explain what to do its confusing. The rate that a hot tub drains is 5.9L/min.How many minutes does it take to drain a 160L hot tub?

~27 mins.

Rate*time= volume
solve for time.

((27.12 to be exact))

Hi Science. (And don't take this the wrong way. I'm glad you're interested in helping. Just want to help you help others more)

I'm sure you are trying to help, but simply providing an answer actually makes it more difficult for students to finish their homework. From my experience, students will post a question they had trouble with to figure out how to also do other questions. If they only have the answer to one question, but no steps, they will not be sure of what to do on other questions.

The role of a teacher (IMHO) is to get the students enough information so they can handle learning on their own. "Enough information" will be different for every person. Some may require more, some less.

Bob posted an equation, but Kemmaris may still be stuck. If that's the case, we can then explain how to substitute the variables and come up with the answer.

Again, I'm glad you're helping. Just want to put that out there so you and others can see that simply posting answers is not always the best thing to do.


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