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Snell's law of refraction can be written as sin i = n sin r, where n is the refractive index from air to water, i is the angle of incidence, and r is the angle of refraction.
In an experiment where a ray of light is directed from air into water, if the angle of incidence is 46 degrees, choose 1 option which gives the angle of refraction predicted by Snell's law, correct to 2 significant figures, given that n = 1.208.
A) 0.84 degrees
B) 0.85 degrees
C) 23 degrees
D) 36 degrees
E) 37 degrees
F) 45 degrees
G) 46 degrees
H) 47 degrees

Can anyone help please?

have you tried substituting your given values in the given formula?

The correct answer is obtained in one step.


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