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An unknown was prepared with the concentration of 0.000331 M. A Beer's Law plot was prepared using the absorbance values from standard solutions of ASA and a line drawn through all the points passed through the origin with a slope of 1646.3 M–1 . The expected absorbance and %T values for the diluted aspirin solution prepared by the student is
and , respectively.

i know u get the expected absorbance by just multiplying the concentration by the slope, but how do you get the %T (transmittance)?

What value did you obtain for A? Let's just make up a number, say A = 0.600
Then A = log (1/T)
0.600 = log (1/T)
Take the inverse log (the antilog) of both sides to give
3.98 = 1/T
and T = 1/3.98 = 0.251
and %T = 25.1%

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