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The length of a rectangular garden is 5 ft less than 3 times its width. If the perimeter of the garden is 22 ft, find the dimensions of the garden.

I will start you off with...
let the width be w,
then the length is 3w - 5

I am pretty sure you can form the equation from there and solve it.
Let me know what you got.

2x +2(3x -5)= 22
2x + 6x -10 = 22
x = 4 then I'm lost where to I go from here?

so your width is 4 feet,

you called your length 3x-5 which is 3(4)-5 or 7 feet.

if somebody asks you for the "dimensions" of a field, they are asking for the length and width of the field.

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    the perimeter of a rectangle is 290 m. if the length is 5 m less than twice the width, find the demension of a rectangle

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