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maths equations

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could you please help me on this equation

r = sx2/2t

im really stuck

Your non-use of parenthesis makes in difficult to know what the equation is. What are you trying to do with the equation?

sorry im trying to make x the subject

divide each side by s
r/s= x^2 /2t
multiply each side by 2t

1rt/s= x^2
take the square root of each side.

The correct equation is r= sx^2/2t.Make x the subject of the formula.Have given you a couple of freebies already!
Start by *trying* to get rid of the 2t from the RHS of the equation?Figure this & i will give you another clue!

See mine.

Sorry for missing parenthesis, the correct equation is r=(sx^2)/2t.Solve for x.

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